This blog is maintained and contributed to by faculty and students in the sexuality education methods courses at Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies.  Students in the university’s Master’s program in Sexuality Education take the following sequence of four courses in which they learn advanced skills regarding lesson and curriculum development, as well as to implement and evaluate sexuality education programs.

  • HSED 643:  Theories of Development & Education in Human Sexuality
    • This course provides an overview of human development, sexual development, learning, and education theories. Content and assignments explore the intersections of these frameworks and theories.
  • HSED 625:  Methods in Human Sexuality Education I
    • The course prepares students to apply theoretical substrates to the development of lesson goals, objectives, and plans in sexuality education with explicit consideration of the rationale supporting all educational decisions. The course includes commu- nity engagement, needs assessment, lesson development, and delivery.
  • HSED 626:  Methods in Human Sexuality Education II
    • The course prepares students to apply key concepts of lesson planning to the development of curricula in sexuality education, with explicit consideration of the developmental and cultural needs of learners. The course includes scope and sequence development, lesson adaptation, evaluation, and assessment of complete curriculum.
  • HSED 718:  Teaching Sensitive Issues in Human Sexuality
    • This course emphasizes both process and practice in the com- municating and teaching of very sensitive and controversial content. This is a capstone course in which students integrate past course work to better understand how to teach about sensitive issues in human sexuality. Students have an opportunity to take an active role in processing their own feelings, values, and attitudes regarding this content, as well as learning specific edu- cational methodologies to teach these subjects.
  • Students all complete their studies by completing a practicum in which they spend 50 hours as sexuality educators in partnership with an experienced educator in the field.

The instructors for these courses are:

Justin A. Sitron, PhD

Don Dyson, PhD

Elizabeth Schroeder, EdD

Eli R. Green, PhD

Amelia Hamarman

Associate editor:  Elliot K. Love, MS

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