Interning for Sex Education

Growing up, many people are taught they can be anything they want to be. Some people are told they must go to school to accomplish their goals and make their dreams come true. Others are told you must go to school and then get a job. Some students have problems obtaining jobs once they have completed school. Some educational programs offer internships which gives students an opportunity to gain some working experience, while other programs do not.

Interning is an important aspect of the educational process because it awards the student hands on experience within their future field. Interning within the human sexuality field may be harder than interning for other subjects.

For starters, sex is a taboo subject in the United States and teaching people about a topic which we ‘do not speak about’ is something some people can not understand or fathom. Sex education is something that is needed because it prepares people for sexual activity and it gives proper information and techniques about safe sex practices. According to Perez and Luquis (2008) [sexual education] is predicated on the belief that providing [accurate] information and skills through planned learning experiences will enable people to make informed decisions that will assist them in making healthy decisions (p.232).

Interning in the human sexuality field affords the intern experience which is needed for educational opportunities and it helps the intern begin to understand which topics they can teach effectively and to which audience. It allows interns the opportunity to practice and apply the techniques which they have learned. It also, allows students to practice cultural competence while they have people to help them further develop their skills  as an educator. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are some problems interns run into. One problem interns can encounter within the sexuality field might run into is a limited availability of agency to hiring interns; which can be a problem for students. Some internships are very specific in which topics they want interns to cover and other are super board. As an intern, you can find site to conduct your internship by looking at national organization websites like: SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, and Planned Parenthood. Also, interns can look into community organizations to see if they have internships and if they are willing to take on interns. The process of interning in the human sexuality field can be harder and more work, but the benefit you received once you have interned is worth the extra work. The intern experience allows you to become a better educator and gain a better understanding about all the techniques you were taught before going out into the world on your own.

So, take your internship seriously and good luck to future sexuality educator interns!



Perez, M. A. and Luquis, R. R. (2008). Cultural competence in health education and health promotion. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass




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